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The Ultimate Guide While Selecting Right Office Space

Posted by admin on January 4, 2024

Top 10 Tips when you choose perfect office space




Choosing an office space is a tough decision. So many factors depend on it like the location, area, facilities, etc. But we have figured out exactly what all you need to keep in mind before you start your managed office space search journey.


Before you start this journey, you should know what all you need to look for in a managed office space or a coworking space. Here is an elaborate list of things to keep in mind.


1. Clarify Your Office Needs:

   – Make a list of your current and future space requirements and expectations.

   – Consider factors such as the number of employees, equipment, meeting rooms, and communal spaces.


2. Location:

   – Choose a location that is convenient for your employees and clients.

   – Consider proximity to public transportation, parking facilities, and amenities like restaurants and shops.

   – Keep the location in the city hub or industrial region.    


3. Budget:

   – Keep a realistic budget that covers rent, utilities, maintenance, and any additional costs you can think of. 

   – Factor in potential rent increases and negotiate lease terms that align with your budget.

   – Keep in mind the future expenses before you put it down on an offer. 


4. Lease Terms:

   – Understand the terms of the lease, including the length, renewal options, and any penalties for early termination.

   – Hiring a lawyer would be the best option before you accept any lease offers. 

   – Negotiate favourable terms that provide flexibility for your business growth.

   – Ensure that the office space complies with local zoning laws and building codes.

    – Clarify responsibilities for maintenance, repairs, and compliance with health and safety regulations.


5. Space Layout and Design:

   – Consider the layout of the space and how it fits in with your workflow and company ideology.

   – Plan for future growth and scalability when designing the office space.


6. Amenities and Facilities:

   – Check for amenities such as kitchen facilities, conference rooms, and recreational spaces.

   – Keep employee well-being in mind before finalising furnished office space design.

   – Ensure the office space provides the necessary infrastructure, like high-speed internet and security features as well as modern technology like smart tech. 

   – There should be facilities like meeting rooms and conference rooms which are crucial for daily flow of business. :

   – The building’s infrastructure, including electrical systems, HVAC, and internet connectivity should be confirmed


7. Flexibility:

   – If the business is flexible, consider coworking office spaces, shared offices, or managed office spaces for short-term flexibility.


8. Sustainable Practices:

    – Evaluate the sustainability of the building. Most buildings are working towards becoming sustainable so taking a look at the building contract will ensure your business is contributing to a better environment. 

    – Consider factors like energy efficiency, waste management, and eco-friendly amenities.


9. Parking:

    – Parking is an important necessity in an office space. 

    – Check the availability of parking spaces for employees and clients.


10. Seek Professional Assistance:

    – Consider consulting with a commercial real estate aggregator like EFC who can provide you with the best office space according to your needs. 



Before finalising your decisions on an office space, make sure you check off all the points on the above list. Picking out an office space can be taxing but remember that with the right help, you can select the perfect office space. 


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Where Can You Find the Best Options for Office Space?

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What Impact of choosing the Right coworking space?

The most important impact when right coworking space is employee efficiency relatively increases over a period and having coworking space creates collaborative atmosphere which help organization employee to develop in their respective career.

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