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Returning to Face-to-Face Interviews

Posted by admin on May 28, 2014

In the past few months, most people had got accustomed to interviews that were largely held virtually on a particular social media platform. From technical difficulties to the reduction in non-verbal cues, the challenges were many in a virtual interview, though. In fact, ‘Zoom fatigue’ had emerged as a term that pertained to consequences of prolonged video chats. However, with offices opening up, face-to-face interviews have already made a return albeit with restrictions in place while adhering to the social distancing protocols. 

Without a doubt, it can be stated that face-to-face communication is known to foster high-quality interaction rather than any form of virtual interaction. However, there are changes in the way how these interviews are being conducted while keeping in mind the health and safety guidelines. For instance, socially distanced, in-person interviews have become the norm now. Also, instead of the usual interview in a small office, face-to-face interviews are being conducted in a larger meeting or conference room, keeping the social-distancing perspective in mind. In addition, most companies have now made it mandatory to implement face coverings for their employees as well as customers a like. 

Overall, there are various advantages to face-to-face interviews. Some of them could be listed as follows:

  • There is scope for more in-depth data collection and a comprehensive understanding
  • There is more clarity when it comes to cues in the form of body language and facial expressions
  • Further explanation of responses could be easily requested for
  • More visual cues could be introduced to explain certain points through the usage of whiteboards and marker pens
  • An in-person interview could be conducted for a longer duration since the participant has more commitment to participate
  • The aspect of confidentiality is well taken care of in an in-person interview

As face-to-face interviews return, it will be pertinent to point out that it is necessary to communicate to all the stakeholders as to what to expect and to have everyone briefed beforehand. For example, consider an embarrassing scenario for both parties involved whereby one tries to shake the hand while the other individual remains reluctant. It would prove to be useful to make things clear beforehand and advise if face masks need to be worn in the office on arrival. Also, mention about the possibility of a temperature check on arrival at the venue or the need to carry any medical certificate.

Regardless of anything else, the benefits of working in teams and spending at least some time together are being felt once again.

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