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How to Find the Perfect Office Space. 10 Things to Consider First

Posted by admin on March 4, 2016

While finding that perfect office space may seem like a challenge at first glance, however, if you remain clear about your long-term goals and considerations of your employees as well as stakeholders, picking an office that you can grow into can be not much of a task after all.

Here’s the checklist to consider while moving into a new office space that could help in boosting the productivity of your employees.

The accessibility factor: This remains a crucial factor while choosing an ideal commercial office space. The location of the office space should be accessible with adequate infrastructure development in the proximity.

The building factor: Is it an old building? Is it in good condition? Does it meet the current building regulation norms? These are a few questions that should cross your mind before you consider moving into a building to provide employees to provide a comfortable working environment. 

The space factor: It is essential to consider the amount of space you need to accommodate your employees and probable recruits. For instance, if you are in a business expansion phase, calculate the amount of office space you will need in the next 5-6 years. The thumb rule is: Think long term. 

The cost factor: Give due thought to this matter and take into account the consideration of reaping the rewards of that office space before investing your money.

The health & well-being factor: Take into consideration factors such as an office’s ventilation system and natural lighting and access to fresh air. This could make a considerable difference to how staff felt and functioned. 

The basic amenities: Whether the building offers serviced or managed office spaces, or is there an in-house cafeteria, or for that matter there are functional elevators. Do consider the amenities that are likely to be extended.

Parking facilities: This is yet another crucial deciding factor while renting out an office space. Ample parking space availability, either in the building or in the vicinity, should be a deciding factor. A secured parking area is an additional benefit.

The safety & security factor: the building premises should have safe and secure access points. A proper security system remains essential for the safety of your employees and equipment. Do take into account the number of security guards, manned entryway along with after-hours security.

The brand image factor: In the corporate world, leaving a good first impression on clients is vital. In that regard, the brand image of your company should be in harmony with your working quarters. The office space should resonate in accordance with the business identity.

The coworking option: Coworking spaces are known to extend a positive and bustling office environment. Most coworking spaces are also able to offer economical rent options that could be on a weekly to monthly basis. This remains helpful should you need to change your situation quickly.

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