EFC Organizes Medical Checkup Event in Pune in
Partnership with HDFC Bank !

Pune, Maharashtra/ 27 May 2024


EFC Limited (India) conducted a successful medical checkup camp in collaboration with HDFC Bank. The event was aimed to raise awareness of preventive healthcare and provide free health screenings to the EFC Pune community.


This initiative offered an extensive range of medical checkups, including blood pressure checks, blood sugar tests, BMI calculations, dental hygiene tests, and eye checkups. Qualified medical professionals who conducted these checkups, answered questions, and offered guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“By providing these health checkups, we not only promote physical well-being but also encourage a culture of health awareness within our organization. We believe that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce and this initiative is a testament to our dedication to creating a supportive and thriving work environment. Our employees are our greatest asset and their health and happiness are essential to our success,” said Abhiti Tiwari, Sr.HR of EFC Limited.  


“This collaboration with EFC Limited (India) reflects our commitment to supporting the well-being of our customers and the community. By working together, we can empower individuals to take charge of their health and create a healthier future for all,” said Vivek Gokule, Relationship Manager of HDFC Bank.


EFC recognizes healthy employees are happier and more productive. This checkup camp reflects their commitment to a thriving work environment. By investing in wellness programs, EFC aims to identify potential health issues early, reducing absence and healthcare costs, ultimately leading to a stronger and more successful company.


About EFC Limited


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