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Best 5 Coworking Spaces in your city at nearest areas

Posted by admin on December 15, 2023
EFC co working spaces with best animates

Every growing business has the question of which workspace would be best for their organisation. If you are one of those people, this blog will help you decide and plan your own coworking spaces you should invest in to keep expanding your profession. 


A good coworking space should meet certain criteria. These would include fully managed amenities like meeting rooms, flexible workspace solutions, tailored workspace configurations, creative collaboration zones, rest or quiet zones, phone booths, dynamic office flexibility, and customisable work area solutions. Other than these, technology should prevail in these spaces since most work is now dependent on electronics and smart technology. So rooms configured with technological requirements are a must in any coworking spaces. 

If you are looking for an office space for rent and are a small business, you should go for either a managed or a serviced office space in coworking, depending on the duration of time you need the coworking space for. 

Coworking & Managed office space in Pune:

Pune is the second biggest IT hub following Bangalore. This means that there are many coworking spaces to choose from in the densely busy areas of the metropolis. Coworking is a big hit in this city because of the preference towards a more modern lifestyle and a good work-life balance. These spaces offer an adaptable office environment that matches the city’s social needs.

The enterprises listed below are the top 5 coworking and managed office space for Pune.


  1. EFC Limited Hinjewadi.
  2. IndiQube Vascon Almonte Kharadi.
  3. Redbrick Pavilion Mall SB Road.
  4. Smartworks Amar Madhuban Tech Park Baner.
  5. Tablespace Amar Tech Park Balewadi

Coworking & Managed office space in Mumbai:

Mumbai is a city that is continuously evolving on a daily basis. In such a city, there is always a problem that occurs with transport. Which is why people tend to look for offices close to where they live. Coworking spaces are an easier solution to this problem that provide dynamic office flexibility. Even so, looking for a fully furnished office space for rent can be difficult to find in a city as big as Mumbai. There is always the question of which one of the many coworking spaces can you trust the most. Which is why, below is a list of coworking and managed office spaces for Mumbai.


  1. WeWork Raheja Platinum, Andheri East.
  2. EFC Limited, Navi Mumbai. 
  3. Vatika Business Centre BKC. 
  4. Spaces, Andheri West. 
  5. Ministry of New, Fort

 Coworking & Managed office space in Kolkata:

Kolkata is one of the places where Indian culture is most predominant. In a city like this, growing businesses want a coworking space with an adaptable office environment and versatile workspace options. Coworking spaces thus are extremely important in such a city. Meeting different people who you can increase your social network with is an important trait in business.


Thus here is a list of top 5 coworking and managed office space for Kolkata.

  1. East India Works Shared Office Space In Kolkata.
  2. Easy Daftar Shared Office Rent In Kolkata.
  3. Awfis Coworking Space In Kolkata.
  4. Smartworks Coworking Space In Kolkata.
  5. EFC Limited In Kolkata.

Coworking & Managed office space in Ahmedabad:

Ahmedabad is a city that is on the precipice of becoming a metropolis. Because of its growing population and investments, it has become a booming business and cultural hub. Many business opportunities in Ahmedabad have led to enterprises opening office spaces for rent. Tailored workspace configurations are important in a growing city like Ahmedabad. These flexible workspace solutions have led people to start moving to Ahmedabad to either expand their small businesses or secure work opportunities in these businesses.


Here is a list of top 5 coworking and managed office spaces for Ahmedabad.


  1.  DevX Vastrapur
  2. Karma Workspaces Bodakdev.
  3. EFC Limited Ambarwadi.
  4. Incuspaze Vijay Cross Road.
  5. Opulence Privilon.

You can find a office space with customisable work area solutions at EFC Limited. 


If you want to switch to a nearest coworking or managed office space, you can rely on EFC’s expert modern office provisions.  

They are one of the best company for cheap coworking office rental in India and will be there to help you. They have developed their own technology and gained extensive experience in creating contemporary and co office space near me. Their focus is on providing tailor-made and versatile workspace options that match your brand identity and business goals.

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