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A Flexible Structure And Operating with a ‘Hub and Spoke’ Model is a new Post-Covid Real Estate Trend

Posted by admin on March 4, 2016

Most companies had to adopt a whole new work arrangement against the backdrop of lockdowns to control the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote working and work from home (WFH) policies had to be introduced as a result.

As the world opens up, a long-term work environment comprising a hybrid workplace model: combining remote work with office work, is most likely to be the norm. Hybrid model is likely to introduce a cultural shift for every stakeholder in any company for that matter.

However, a hybrid working model is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are people who yearn for the structure of office space or feel positive in an interactive social environment. For a few businesses, traditional customer experience could be influenced in the absence of a customer-facing employee

Concerns also remain pertaining to a few employees having no dedicated workspace at home, besides there could be children or senior citizens who need to be attended constantly. An additional burden for those who are operating remotely. 

To suitably address the issues, companies are now making a shift towards a hub-and-spoke model that includes one central office hub and smaller spokes or satellite offices for employees.A KPMG report points out that hybrid workplace models that mix remote working with central headquarters will be increasingly favored by tenants.

A hub and spoke model provides employees with a suitable access to an office space with amenities, but with the flexibility of being in proximity to their home. By giving employees the option to work closer to home, rather than at home, satellite offices are able to address the concerns of remote working pertaining to isolation, collaboration with peers, and makeshift desk setups.

In this regard, coworking and serviced office providers hold the key towards building a synergy that is required for a hub and spoke model.

More and more companies are now keen to adopt the idea of a flexible workplace, and this is most likely going to be the norm in the future.

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